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Indtrack Developing and Deploying mass scale Vehicle GPS tracking solution with scalability.


Indtrack deals only GPS GIS based tracking solution. We provided industry proven GPS devices to the end customers.


Since decades Indtrack providing secured and customized whitelable solution for private and govt. mass scale GPS based tracking projects.

About Us

IndTrack provides real time GPS vehicle tracking systems for fleet managers, owners and Shippers. Unlike many of the other vehicle tracking software providers on the web; IndTrack strives to bring you most reliable GPS fleet management solutions, through a combination of World class Backend Platform Best GIS Maps and Most reliable GPS hardware available on the market today.
IndTrack Solutions is a Young, dynamic and rapidly growing company, focused at providing High end technology solutions to Real-Life situations. With a Strong mix of people from various Streams like Wireless technology, Software development, Logistics management Security and Governmental domains. IndTrack team believes in delivering RIGHT solutions to the customer , implemented as per customer requirements and with continuous support to improve the performance of the solutions. The Team with its rich and diverse experience has brought a world class technology with Unmatched local support, which is highlighted by Our service offering. IndTrack has brought the most needed thing in Indian tracking market a "TRULY RELIABLE GPS TRACKING SERVICE", unlike the different products available in the market.

  • World class solutions, implemented by very experienced team in Location technology space.

  • Tracking devices sourced from reputed manufacturers, both vehicle mounted and mobile units.

  • Best in class GPS location technology.

  • Cost effective products developed as per the needs of individual clients at emerging markets – India.

  • Strong backend as per world-class standards with strong integration with network operators for large scale deployments.

  • Best In class GIS maps and data, to support reverse lookup for location for text reports. Detailed City level maps and accurate roadmaps of all India.

  • Best in class GIS engine to customize own locations, mark waypoints, create zones Unmatched GIS application support for delivering best in class location related outputs to customers.

  • High end and highly configurable reporting engine to customize reports and alerts.

  • Hierarchy wise reporting and facility to send critical alerts role wise to people in organization either by mail or SMS.

  • Integratable solution , with Open API’s to integrate with other systems like Supply chain solution and ERP systems.

  • Strong local support team to customize software /hardware to provide maximum utility to the customer.



Vehicle tracking is one of the fastest-growing GPS applications. GPS-equipped fleet vehicles, public transportation systems, delivery trucks, and courier services use receivers to monitor their locations at all times. GPS is also helping to save lives. Many police, fire, and emergency medical service units are using GPS receivers to determine the police car, fire truck, or ambulance nearest to an emergency, enabling the quickest possible response in life-or-death situations. Any business operating a fleet of service or delivery vehicles can utilize our GPS fleet management technology for reaping desired benefits. A few applications areas are listed below -

  • Long Distance Trucking

  • Short Distance Deliveries.

  • Construction Equipment Service.

  • Taxi/Employee Pickup/Drop.

  • In the Web based application, The GIS Software plots the vehicle position accurately on a map.

  • Government Fleets.

  • Oil Field Service.

  • Health Care/Ambulances.

  • Delivery/Pickup Management.

  • School Districts.

  • On Road Services.

  • Security Applications.

  • Others.

Solution Features : IndTrack Offers a user friendly software platform to manage your fleets. The User experience is customize to suit the clients requirements.The Complete GPS data is stored online for historical analysis of vehicles route, for optimizing the output.

    Maps :

  • Complete History/Track of vehicle on Map.

  • Route selection and adherence.

  • Real-Time location of Vehicle.

  • Detailed City Maps.

  • Poll for Locations.

  • Mark own waypoints on maps.

    Reports :

  • Driving analysis (Stoppage details, over speed alerts etc).

  • Distance traveled analysis.

  • Idle Time Details.

  • Detailed Speed Graphs.

  • Over Speed, Unscheduled Stoppage Alerts.

    Charts :

  • Daily Fleet Summary Report.

  • Daily Vehicle Travel Report.

  • Customer Wise Reports/Trip Wise Reports.

  • Vehicle Driving Summary Report.

  • Sensors/Other inputs based reports/Alerts.

  • Customized reports.


Single Fleet to Big Fleet , GPS Vehicle tracking Solution for individual to Organization requirements.

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